Orthodontist Specialist Clinic Canberra Capital Smiles - What are retainers?

What are retainers and why are they important?

When you have completed active orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will remove your braces and provide you with retainers to keep your teeth nice and straight. Without retainers, your teeth will likely move after the braces have been removed.

There are many different types of retainers, with the most common ones being fixed or bonded retainers, which are thin wires that are glued behind the front teeth; and there are removable retainers which are usually Essix or Hawley retainers. 

It is important that you wear your retainers as instructed and take good care of them so that you can maintain your beautiful orthodontic results for as long as possible.

Here are 2 tips on looking after your retainers:

1) Brush your retainers well but gently when cleaning them with your toothbrush. Avoid using too much force or squeezing or bending them as you do not want to break them. Use cold or warm water (not hot).

2) Keep your retainers in the case that was given to you so that your retainers are always kept safe when they are not in your mouth.

Remember, if you lose or break your retainers, call us as soon as possible so that new retainers can be made for you as soon as possible!

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